Ben Rhydding Road Ilkley

Civil Engineering

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Flood Risk Assessment

We undertake in house Flood risk and SuDs assessments with the aid of the latest technologies and software. We can accurately model flooding scenarios to ensure the suitability and safety of the development site and assess the impact on others

Highway and Section 38/278 Designs

Sometimes the planning authorities require at least a tentative, site highway and junction design. Using our civils team and highway/drainage software we can provide cost effective planning solutions. In addition, we can model vehicle movement in and around the site using industry standard AutoTrack software.

Drainage Appraisal/Impact Assessment Section 104

We have a strong background in providing this work, both at planning stage and at the development stage. Our work includes looking at the larger drainage network and fine tuning down to include SUDS and clever flow modelling to maximize the sites potential and profitability

Earthwork Modelling

Many of the construction risks are in the ground, whether this be foundations or contamination. But another major factor is how much material is taken from site or how much is brought onto site. To optimise this operation and in a drive to ensure sites are as sustainable as possible, our engineers use ground modelling software to find the best solution for levels and movement of material keeping costs to a minimum